Our story

Our story

A night out enjoying a beer with my dad, brainstorming ideas for businesses in Prague, turned into a bit of a bar crawl, and at the end we were both gagging for a good old meat pie, but wait, there weren’t any in Prague.

That was summer 2011 during our family get together with folk from Australia and the UK descending on Prague. We floated the idea with the family and all agreed, bringing pies to Prague was a calling, and that is how, The Pie Shop was born.

The team was brought together next and then the hard work began.

It was two long years before we found our kitchen and it has been since November 2013 we have brought pie love to Prague.

“We are very proud of the fact that all our recipes are original. We have sourced inspiration from the classics of course, but all of what we do is ours.”



To begin we start by making our own original recipe shortcrust pastry, combining high quality shortening, salt, water and flour in perfect mix to create perfect pie crust, firstly kneading it carefully by hand, before letting it cool to come together perfectly.


Next we roll out our pastry for lids and bases, perfectly portioned for you to enjoy the wonderful shortcrust compliment to your pie.



Then comes time to combine the two main ingredients, our perfect shortcrust pastry, with one of our tasty fillings.


Each pie is packed with 175g minimum fillings before being topped with a lid and sealed to keep all the goodness in.

Of course, the last step before baking is a generous brush of egg wash to ensure a lovely golden brown finish.



All that is left is for you to cut, bite or break on in and enjoy what the Pie Shop does best.